About Dr. Hemp Me

Based in the global city of London, stocking a wide range of the highest-quality CBD oils and products.

All our CBD lines are full-spectrum, derived from hemp plants grown on our outdoors farms both here in the UK and across Europe. Featuring over 100 different types of cannabinoids, our customers to enjoy the full benefits of the ‘entourage effect’ when they choose Dr. Hemp Me.

Our entire CBD product range is entirely legal in the UK and most European countries. All our batches of CBD are professionally lab tested and as members of the Cannabis Trades Association and the European Industrial Hemp Association, we are one of two accredited cannabidiol suppliers in Ireland and all our lines are tried and tested for quality and assurance.

A team of passionate CBD experts, here at Dr. Hemp Me we are inspired to breathe new life into the emerging CBD marketplace. As a popular and growing industry, we dedicate our time to research, create and refine our premium brand of CBD products.All of which undergoes rigorous testing to ensure our lines are in the top-tier when it comes to both potency and delivery.

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Our Story

An advocate of CBD, former corporate banker and founder of Dr. Hemp Me, Brian Cusack went about developing his own line of CBD products after recognising the potential of CBD as a popular alternative health remedy and its lack industry regulation in his home country of Ireland.

A pioneer in this emerging industry, Brian launched Dr. Hemp Me looking to share the positive impact CBD has made on his own life with others throughout Ireland and further afield.

With a desire to legitimise Dr. Hemp Me’s range of CBD, Brian and his team established a line of safe and potent CBD products that have since been recognised by the Cannabis Trades Association for its unique extraction methods and some of the most highly-effective CBD products available on the market.

Since then, Dr. Hemp Me has gone from strength to strength, developing and creating new & exciting CBD products for our customers to enjoy, from full spectrum oils to CBD capsules and even CBD gummies.

Our Mission

We are called Dr. Hemp Me because we believe everyone should be able to experience and enjoy CBD on their own terms.

We’re focussed on creating the very best and strongest range of CBD products. Available in the UK and across Europe, we use tested extraction methods that are proven to yield the safest and most potent CBD for our customers to experience its range of benefits and enjoy as part of their daily routine.

Our Vision

Dr. Hemp Me believes in the unique benefits of CBD and we envision a world where all CBD products are regulated and safe for people to enjoy.

As the CBD industry continues to grow and products become more widely accessible, we hope to see advocates from around the world share their experiences of CBD, speaking openly about its benefits as an alternative health solution.

Address: Kemp House, 158 City Rd, London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom

Phone: (051) 354 849

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