About Dr. Hemp Me

The beginning of Dr. Hemp Me CBD came from our founder’s drive to form the most trusted brand of CBD products on the UK & European markets. Brian, our founder, began supplementing with CBD many years ago but found the young, growing industry filled with low quality oils and products.

The lack of trust and transparency on the early CBD marketplace meant Brian was questioning the quality, sourcing, and validity of the oils he was consuming every day.

Brian even independently tested oil he bought and found it had only trace amounts of CBD compared to the 1000mg as advertised.

This sent him on a path to form his own brand of Cannabidiol and develop the most transparent, high-quality CBD oils in the industry, both for himself and his customers.


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How do we do this?

Product testing is at the core of our business, and we consistently look to improve this element of our company. Not only do we test for cannabinoids, but we also put our products through two additional tests – metals, chemicals and pesticides. 

This is how we gain our customers’ trust and remain completely transparent in a rapidly growing industry. You can visit our dedicated testing page on our website to learn more about lab test reports, where to find them and even how to read them.


Our Mission

Our mission is to build the most credible, trusted CBD company in the UK.

Transparency is at the root of our business, and we deliver this to our customers through extensive lab testing and consistent product quality. Consistent systems and trusted decision-making guarantee that the quality of our CBD is never compromised.

The true nature and quality of many CBD products in the industry remain hidden by brands and unseen by customers who deserve to know the validity of their supplements. That is why every new batch of our Cannabidiol is tested three times for cannabinoids, metals and even chemicals and pesticides.

Simply visit our laboratory testing page to view our most up to date reports.


Our Source

We do the work to source the highest quality hemp extract in Europe for our customers. Sourced from organic hemp farms in Poland, our CBD is guaranteed to be free from any unnecessary or harmful chemicals or pesticides. All you have to do is check our Metals & Chemicals test for validation.

We only use HAACP & GMP approved labs for the extraction and processing of hemp extract which is ultimately used to form clean, safe CBD.

Our Vision

Our vision is full regulation across the local, national, and global CBD industry. Change starts local and so we strive to set the standard for full transparency when it comes to the production and sale of Cannabidiol supplements.

The above would mean that all CBD brands and companies would have to abide by regulated product testing in full and not simply for cannabinoid content.

Just like us, we want all competing brands to be held accountable for extensive testing of all batches of CBD which includes tests for chemicals, metals and pesticides.

We are setting the standard in the UK for safe, transparent, and clean CBD. It is our vision that others will follow by our example.

Address: Kemp House, 158 City Rd, London EC1V 2NX, United Kingdom

Phone: (051) 354 849

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