CBD Paste

CBD Paste

As the name suggests, CBD paste is a thicker, more concentrated alternative to traditional CBD oils, capsules, or edibles. Many people prefer CBD paste because it is so much more potent than other options, allowing them to find the relief they have been searching for.

Unlike oil, CBD paste is not a chemical extract of the hemp plant. Instead, it is made by mixing an entire ground-up hemp plant with a carrier oil that helps maximize the transfer of cannabidiol into the bloodstream.

CBD paste is also versatile and can be taken internally or applied topically, depending on the desired results. Best of all, it comes in several high-potency formulations, so you can determine what works best for YOU.

Why Use CBD Paste?

People use CBD paste to improve their quality of life, physically and emotionally. While the research is still ongoing, numerous studies suggest that there may be measurable benefits to using CBD-containing products. For example:

DISCLAIMER: The above-reported benefits are included for informational purposes only. They do not constitute medical advice, nor do they suggest that CBD products should be used to treat or cure any medical conditions. As with any supplement, always consult with your doctor before starting use.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Have questions about CBD paste? Here are the answers.
CBD paste can be taken internally or applied topically on your skin. For ingestion, use the supplied syringe to measure out the desired dosage, place it under your tongue for 90 seconds, then swallow.

Your recommended dose of CBD paste depends upon several factors — your personal reasons for use, your desired results, and how well you tolerate the CBD in the products you have already been using, for example.

Keep in mind that pastes containing CBD are much stronger than the oils, edibles, or capsules you are accustomed to. While mild full-spectrum hemp oil contains just 5% CBD, the mildest formulation of hemp paste has 40%. That is enough of a difference that you should exercise caution.

Here’s a good “rule-of-thumb” guideline for users who are new to CBD paste — start out with two drops, each about the size of a grain of rice. Depending on the results and your reaction, you can adjust the dose up or down as needed.

Because hemp and marijuana are related plants, CBD paste does contain “trace” amounts of THC. However, THC’s level is far too low to trigger any psychoactive effects such as drowsiness or euphoria.

As a general rule, CBD products made from hemp are legal, even in those places where medical or recreational marijuana is prohibited. However, some common urine tests cannot distinguish between CBD/trace amounts of THC and actual marijuana use.

You may wish to inform your employer that you use legal CBD paste and, if necessary, request a more accurate blood test that can show both the presence of CBD and permissible trace levels of THC.

“Better” is not the right word, but “stronger” is. The main reason someone starts a CBD paste regimen is that they want or need a higher dose of CBD that only paste can deliver.
Oils are limited to the extent that if their CBD concentration is too high — usually over 40% — they may solidify. Paste, on the other hand, can reach concentration levels up to 100%.

The Bottom Line about CBD Paste

If you like CBD oil, but it doesn’t quite give you the desired results, you might prefer CBD paste. Why not make it a part of your supplement and general wellness routine today?

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