CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules

Our most convenient form of CBD, our capsules contain cannabidiol as the active ingredient making them a controlled and easy way to benefit from the positive effects of CBD.

Formulated from organic hemp plants, our CBD capsules also feature the natural cannabinoid CBDa and sunflower oil, helping them to be absorbed into the body, quickly and efficiently

Why choose CBD capsules?

As one of our most popular CBD products, the convenience and strength of our CBD capsules are unrivalled, enabling customers to enjoy the same benefits of our traditional CBD oils in a fuss-free capsule form. They are also a suitable alternative for anyone who does not enjoy the strong taste of hemp.

Quick and easy to incorporate as part of a busy daily lifestyle, our CBD capsules are also popular with those who are frequent travellers and looking to enjoy the positive effects of cannabidiol on the body.

All our CBD capsules undergo independent lab testing with every batch. You can view these here.

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