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CBD OIl 20%

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Organically grown Full Spectrum CBD Oil mixed with organic hemp seed oil.


Cannabinoid Metals Chemicals

For some customers, the 10% Starter CBD oil just isn’t enough. Everyone is different with different tolerances. If you feel you are one of those people, the 20% CBD oil is perfect for you.

Another reason for using the 20% is because you will need fewer drops. Some people are sensitive to the earthy flavour of raw CBD oil so the less drops you take the better.

We did try to refine the oil and cannabinoid content to take some of the earthy taste away however we found that it can affect the quality of our CBD oil. The more raw and earthy the better!

To check the quality of our 20% CBD oil be sure to check our 3 lab test reports shown above. For more information on reading the cannabinoid, metals, & chemicals test please click on to our Lab Test area on our site via the home page.


Cannabis extract and organic hemp seed oil.

20% CBD Dosage

The 20% contains 10mg of CBD in each drop. Our guided dosage for this supplement is 3-4 drops per day in just one simple dose. Increase the dose slowly by 1 drop per week until you feel you have reached your desired effects.

Just like vitamins and other food supplements, CBD should be taken daily to allow a supply to build in the body. Visit the home page to reach out to us about dosage, product use and more.


As CBD is classed as a food supplement in the UK, no medical claims can be made regarding Cannabidiol. The THC content in this product is less than 0.2% per bottle.

These compounds and ingredients are not intended for treatment of adults for any health condition. Please consult a doctor if you wish to take CBD supplements alongside any medication.

6 reviews for CBD OIl 20%

  1. Ross

    Super fast delivery

  2. Ben W

    Just what I needed…received a lot of helpful support from this company before and after buying!

  3. Abbie

    Really pleased with my purchase of this oil – 5 stars.

  4. Mags H

    Would highly recommend this strength oil.

  5. Enda N

    Will buy again, really pleased!

  6. Yulia

    Ideal dose

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