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Organic full-spectrum hemp extract, housed in a Hemp Seed carrier oil.

Our 5% CBG tincture is a great introductory dose to Cannabigerol. Just 500mg of CBG cannabinoids makes up this 10ml supplement allowing the user a gentle introduction to the world of CBG.

CBG is growing in popularity amongst our customers by the day. This lesser-known cannabinoid is also derived from the hemp plant and interacts with the body’s Endocannabinoid System

Use CBG 5% alone or alongside a CBD Oil to supplement your diet with the full spectrum of powerful hemp compounds.


Hemp extract full-spectrum, hemp seed oil.


Drop 8 drops under the tongue daily, preferably in one single dose.

This initial dose can be increased by 1 additional drop per week. Use every morning for the first 3 weeks of supplementation to allow a supply of CBG to build up.


Disclaimer – CBG is not recognised as a medicinal product, it is classed as a food supplement only.

We cannot give any medical advice in relation to CBG Oil.


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