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London's Finest CBD Oil Supplement

We are located in London, the UK’s largest city, and we are renowned for our first-class range of CBD products and treatment. Made with ingredients from hemp plants grown on our outdoor farms across Ireland and the UK, we stock a wide range of beneficial CBD oil products, from full-spectrum oils to capsules and gummies. All our products are lab tested and we are proud to have received glowing reviews from our loyal customers about the oil’s effectiveness.

For first-time UK customers, we understand that it can be confusing to choose which type of CBD product to introduce to your diet. This is why our team of experts are on hand to answer all your questions via our instant chat.

When purchasing any CBD oil product for the first time, always remember to read our lab reports and reviews section to see how others found it.

If you are an Irish customer please visit our Irish CBD Supplement store.

100% British & Legal

All our CBD products are derived from hemp plants grown on our farms based in Ireland and the UK. A legal strain of cannabis(as opposed to marijuana), our hemp plants contain over 100 different cannabinoids and only trace amounts of THC(tetrahydrocannabinol), which makes all our supplements non-psychoactive. The CBD hemp plant is legal in NI, UK and most European countries. Check to see if CBD oil is legal in your country.

100% Transparency

Dr. Hemp Me CBD is a proud member of the Cannabis Trades Association and the European Industrial Hemp Association. All our CBD batches are professionally lab-tested to provide our customers with a clear breakdown of all the cannabinoids, including trace amounts of CBD, CBDa, CBDV, BCG, CBN or any other compound found across our product range. Learn more about our hemp and cannabinoid testing.

100% Full Spectrum

For our customers to enjoy all the benefits associated with cannabinoids, we use our whole hemp plant to create only full-spectrum CBD oils. Research shows that this formula enables CBD to be absorbed more quickly and efficiently by the body, creating what’s known as the ‘entourage effect’, allowing all the cannabinoids to work in synergy for the very best results.

About Dr. Hemp Me London

We are a passionate team of CBD experts, building a best-selling range of hemp-derived CBD products. Based in Belfast, we are proud to call ourselves a leading supplier of Cannabidiol, serving customers in the UK and across most of Europe.

CBD is taking the world by storm for its beneficial properties and we are official members of the Cannabis Trades Association because we believe no two CBD oils are ever the same. Our entire range of CBD products are regulated by the CTA, making Dr. Hemp Me one of only two CBD suppliers in Ireland to supply fully-accredited, tried and tested cannabidiol,  that our customers can trust and enjoy.

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Cannabis Trades Association

Highly regarded as the UK’s and Europe’s largest and original hemp trades association, the Cannabis Trades Association represents over 7000 CBD & Cannabis businesses and governments, helping to continually and positively establish the growing hemp and cannabis industry.

As a leading cannabinoid centric trade association, the CTA is seen as the go-to organisation with regards to legal cannabis products, striving to promote good practice across the industry:

Dr. Hemp Me CBD Oil London has been an official member of the CTA since 2018 and our association allows us to be a part of cannabidiol legalisation across Europe. As a member of the CTA, our CBD product range is compliant with UK and European laws. We also ensure that our products uphold association standards and have been lab-tested for quality purposes. 


All our CBD products are legal in both Ireland, the UK and most countries across Europe, but we always recommend checking if CBD regulations are present in your country before purchasing. (Misinterpretations of the Misuse of Drugs Act in Ireland have resulted in some CBD brands and companies being hugely inconvenienced.) Our CBD oil food supplements offer users a variety of health and wellness benefits, and because it contains less than 0.2% THC, you will not experience a high.

The strength of the CBD oil supplement you use depends on why you are using it. For most people the 10% CBD oil is the perfect starting point(hence its popularity). Please contact our instant chat before making any orders if you are unsure on which strength to choose.

Please always get advice from your doctor or health professional before taking CBD oil 5% for the first time, particularly if you are already on other forms of medicine or medicines. There’s no issue either with combining CBD with vitamin use, such as Vitamin D or other nutrients. 

The dosage to take depends on the person. It is best to try find your own sweet spot. Start with a small dose under the tongue and slowly increase the levels until you reach your desired effects. Keep a consistent dose once this is reached. It should have an earthy taste.

Yes, CBD oil in your diet is perfectly safe. A daily absorption is needed to  sustain a level of CBD which helps promote a healthy endocannabinoid system.

No. Full Spectrum CBD oil is a completely natural product. No studies or evidence has been presented to show that men, women or children will experience any side effects or incur any risk.